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Food Centricity® Powers L.A. Prep

Food Centricity is a business accelerator focused on helping early and growth-stage food companies break market, business and financial barriers. Through its network of food industry experts, it connects and streamlines all necessary resources to plan, build and grow food businesses. As part of it's unique relationship with L.A. Prep, Food Centricity offers on-site coaching and advisory services that are adapted to food companies’ specific stage of development and needs.


For early stage companies, we offer the Food Maker Growthpath™, a revolving twelve-month program that lays the foundations for growth.


For developing companies, Food Centricity offers one-on-one coaching and advisory services to make their business scalable. A broad assortment of expert services ranging from product formulation and testing to branding, packaging design, accounting and more, are all available to food makers — flexibly and affordably.


For growth-stage companies, we bring the expertise and network to help take them to sustainable growth and beyond. We help provide them with the resources for financial and operations planning, marketing, sales and distribution strategies, trade introductions, funding for growth, or even exit planning.  Write us at:, for more information.

Food Centricity also powers Food Maker Hub (formerly, The Fine Foods Group) a "click-and-brick" community of over thirteen hundred local food entrepreneurs, who: a) interact in a dynamic online peer-to-peer food business environment where they can get curated business intelligence, b) learn and exchange best business practices and c) get access to discounted ingredients, components and business services, which allow them to lower their cost of doing business, as well as to grow more quickly and profitably.  Write us at:, for more information.