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Rent your own production space, and you're in control.  

L.A. Prep provides L.A.'s best food makers with a permit-ready solution for wholesale food production. Show up with your recipes and equipment, and you'll be making it in no time. 

At L.A. Prep, we deal with the complexity of running a wholesale production facility so you don't have to.

Control your costs, and make a profit sooner :

  • Competitive rates help you control your spending.
  • On-site access to dry and cold storage, a demonstration kitchen, office space, etc. 

Scale up faster :

  • Expedited approval processes for wholesales licenses.  What can take up to 8 months and 50 pages of paperwork can be done in a matter of weeks with just a 2-page form.
  • Faster time to market.
  • Make it right from the start — support and an on-site demonstration kitchen mean you can develop products faster. 

You control your environment :

  • Your space is your own — lock the doors when you leave and know everything will stay as you left it. 
  • Surround yourself with like-minded producers— the best in the business-- and learn from their experiences.
  • Build to suit — L.A. Prep will help you customize your space to your needs.
  • All wholesale food production infrastructure — from hoods to grease interceptor to high volume gas, water and electricity — has been taken care of. You can focus on your products, process and business.