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Manufacturing Quality Standards

L.A. Prep is a one-of-a-kind facility, designed from the ground up to maintain some of the strictest standards in safety and manufacturing practices for small-batch food processing. Our makers' create their unique and artisanal products in an environment that allows them to contribute to the quality, safety and transparency of the local artisanal food supply systems. L.A. Prep's makers can comply with the following standards after pursuing the correct permitting :


  • Organic

  • FDA

  • USDA

  • Kosher protocols

  • And others

A Space for Creativity and Partnerships

L.A. Prep is a one-stop sourcing center where retailers, brokers and distributors can discover unique products that just may be the next "big hit" in the marketplace, and that can allow for differentiation and local pride.  

At L.A. Prep, we believe when makers come together they fuel each others' creativity and drive. We've built a community of individual makers under one roof in a professional and supportive environment. And with added support from Food Centricity®, L.A. Prep's makers have even more opportunities to succeed. We welcome buyers to come to L.A. Prep to meet some of the best makers in the local community, all under one roof.